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Create a paid group membership program. 💰

Many templates to choose from

Group coaching, mastermind, inner circle, bootcamp, accelerator, fitness challenge, learning community

All-in-one Platform

Sales pages, memberships, admin, channels, DMs, and built-in one-time fee or recurring subscription system

Launch in just 15 minutes

1. Create your space 2. Connect to Stripe 3. Set your price 4. Customize your sales page 5. Launch 🚀

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Create 1:1 coaching & consulting products. 🏗

Multiple Offers

Create multiple one-time fee or recurring subscription products for time-limited access to you in a Volley DM


Create products as small as 5 minutes or as large as a monthly

Launch in just 15 minutes

1. Create your pitch 2. Connect to Stripe 3. Build your offers 4. Launch 🚀

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Collaborate 🚀 with your remote team.

Communicate Better

Flexible face-to-face communication allows the richness of talking with the flexibility of texting

Increase Connection

Volley brings teams together like never before to move work forward faster

Reduce Meetings

This 📆 meeting could have been a Volley✌️ ...seriously.

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Incredibly powerful conversation


Talk instead of type. You can speak 7x faster than you can type and listen on 2x.


Volley allows you to hear and see the invisible 93% of communication found in tone of voice and body language.


Volley brings groups and individuals together like never before - anytime, anywhere.


Volley is async, which means you have time to think about your response so you can put your best foot forward.


Volleys are automatically transcribed so you can watch, listen, or read.  Whatever you need for wherever you are.


Volleys are stored for days or longer so you have total recall of what was discussed or decided (for 30 days on the free plan).

Join a live community.

See Volley in action.

Volley Fan Club
The epicenter of community at Volley. Chat directly with the Volley team, ask questions, give feedback, and learn about new features.
Volley for Coaches
Where some of the top coaches discuss how to coach 5x the clients and improve results without having to be on Zoom all day.
Volley for  Creators
Discuss ways to engage your inner circle with a  community that builds incredibly powerful relationships they’ll never leave.

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