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November 7, 2022

101+ offer ideas you can start charging for today.

Angela Hylton
Chief of Staff

Health & Fitness Ideas

Recurring Offers

  1. Personal Training Sessions - $500/mo - I’ll provide you with a customized workout plan, modifying and challenging you as you go. This will include a consultation, weekly check-ins, and new workouts.
  2. Weekly Meal Planning - $100/mo - I’ll provide customized weekly meal plans with shopping lists and recipes so you can hit your macro targets.
  3. On-demand Fitness Coaching - $500/mo All-inclusive package. - I’ll provide a complete fitness program modified weekly. It’s like having a full-time personal trainer in your pocket.
  4. AMA with a Personal Trainer - $75 - 15-minutes to ask me anything about your training plan, goals, technique, and more. 

One-Time Offers

  1. Nutrition Plan - 15 minutes - $100 one time fee - I’ll provide a customized nutrition plan for the next 30 days that includes 15 minutes of on-demand coaching.
  2. 30-day fitness challenge - $50 - Join us for a 30-day [insert specific type] fitness challenge. Join a group of like-minded and motivated individuals. We will have daily check-ins, progress tracking, and group support and accountability.
  3. Fitness Consultation - $50 - Join me for a 30 minute one on one consultation. We will discuss your goals and map out a plan of action that fits your lifestyle and what you are looking to achieve. 
  4. Holistic Health Consultation - 30 minutes - $200 - I’ll create a fully customized holistic health plan given your unique health history.

Real Estate Ideas

One-Time Offers

  1. Real Estate AMA - $150 - 15-min to ask me anything about real estate.
  2. REI Analysis - $250 - Send me a property you’re interested in, include your goals, and I will analyze the property and break down the numbers for you.

Recurring Offers

  1. Real Estate Investment Planning - $1500 - I will help you analyze and determine the best asset class and markets for the investing goals you are trying to achieve, and outline the steps you need to take to get there.
  2. House Flipping Consult/Coaching - $2500 - Consult with me on your house flipping journey. Ask me anything! I’ll share my tips and tricks to help you get the best bang for your buck on your flip!
  3. Wholesale Workshop - $2500 - This workshop will teach you insider tips and tricks on how to wholesale deals into a scalable business.

Creator Economy Ideas

One-Time Offers

  1. Media Kit Consult - $100 - 15 min review of your media kit.
  2. Brand Deal Consult - $200 - 30 minute coaching session to prep you for your next brand deal negotiation. Learn best practices and tips to get the most out of your next deal.
  3. Brand Partnership Copywriting - $300 - I’ll work with you to understand your partnership deal and write action provoking copy for your followers consumption.
  4. Get Unstuck - $100 - 10 min brainstorming session for your next video/post/podcast.
  5. Content Creation Space Setup - $200 - 30-min consultation to build out your space, sharing best practices, and tips to set you up for success.
  6. Workflow Optimization - $250 - 1-hour coaching session to assess your currency workflow and make changes to help you work efficiently.
  7. Video Optimization - $200 - A 1-hour session to have a second set of eyes on your videos with suggestions for how to improve audience retention.
  8. Thumbnail Improvement - $99 - 20-min feedback session to optimize your thumbnails for the click.
  9. Timeline Review - $150 - 30-min editing critique to get unstuck or dial in your next video.
  10. Story Sherpa - $100 - 30-min storyboarding session to map out your next video.
  11. Gear Talk - I’ll help you decide what your next content creation gear purchase should be specific to your needs.
  12. Personalized Camera Recommendation - $150 - 30-min personalized feedback for your next camera purchase. We will assess your needs, use case, and current setup to make the best recommendation that works for you.
  13. Build the Perfect YouTube Studio Kit - $150 - 30-min personalized session to assemble the perfect kit based on your space, budget, and content.
  14. Build the Perfect Lighting Setup - $150 - 30-min session to assess your needs and build the perfect lighting kit.
  15. Pricing and Positioning - $150 - Not sure what to charge? In 30-min we’ll review your next proposal or contract, to ensure you get paid for your value.

Recurring Offers

  1. Creative Collaboration - $500 - I’ll provide ongoing feedback and discussion for all of your new ideas.
  2. Timeline Talk - $200 - Join fellow editors to discuss new ways to improve your craft to get more clicks on the content you create.

Self-Improvement Ideas

One-Time Offers

  1. Craft Your Morning Routine - $150 - Together we will map out a plan to set each day up for success.
  2. Closet Clean-out - $150 - A 1-hour consultation where will cover your organizational pain points, and how to sort, organize, and purge so you can breathe easier.
  3. Communication Consult - $150 - A 30-minute consultation to identify your communication style and pain points. Session will include suggestions or exercises for you to improve communication.
  4. Tough Conversation Ahead - $200 - This 1 hour session will help prepare you for the challenging conversation ahead. I will help you organize your thoughts and articulate the message you want to deliver.
  5. Time Management - $150 - This consultation will help identify your pain points that you feel are holding you back from managing your time. I will provide feedback, suggestions, and coaching so you can use your time efficiently.
  6. Personal Stylist Consult - $150 - In a wardrobe rut? I can help! You’ll complete a brief survey so I can get to know your current style and goals. During our consultation I will make recommendations and provide you with a brief style guide.
  7. Adoption Consultation - $200 - Adoption can be overwhelming. Our 1-hour session will cover the basics of the resources needed and how to get started. 
  8. Homeschool Curriculum Consultation - $200 - With so many curriculums on the market it can be difficult to know which to choose for your child. I will help you select the curriculum that will meet your child where they are at and propel them forward.
  9. Picky Eater Consult - $100 - Picky eaters can be challenging! I will help you come up with creative ways to introduce new foods and overcome food fears.
  10. Lactation Consultation - $100 - Struggling with supply, latch, or positioning? I can help! This 1-hour consultation will cover what you’re struggling with and several recommendations to help get you and baby on the right track.
  11. Parenting Coach - $400 - This 90-minute session will cover the issues you’re struggling with and several suggestions of how to correct behaviors or address situations more effectively.
  12. Family Meal Planning & Prep - $300 - I will plan a month's worth of meals, including shopping lists, and provide useful meal prepping tips to minimize your time in the kitchen!
  13. What should I cook? - $50 - Share your ingredients and I’ll share recipes!
  14. Budget Review - $100 - Struggling with how to craft the best budget for your needs? I will help go through your monthly expenses and income to help develop the budge that works for you and helps you reach your financial goals.
  15. Family Mission and Values - $200 - Struggling with how to format and phrase your family’s mission statement and values? In this 1-hour consultation we will establish values and goals for your family and craft into an all encompassing mission statement.
  16. Dating Profile Review - $100 - A 20-minute review of your dating profile and make suggestions to improve the compatibility of your matches.
  17. Hitch - $25 - 5 minutes to ask me any dating related questions you have and I’ll share my advice and insight.
  18. Pre Marital - $200 - This 1-hour premarital counseling session will help you take the next step in your relationship.

Recurring Offers

  1. Daily Mindfulness Prompts - $50/mo - Daily mindfulness prompts and meditation with group dialogue and encouragement.
  2. Daily Gratitude Prompts - $50/mo - Daily gratitude prompts and meditation with group dialogue and encouragement. (Jeremy Snowden)
  3. Motivational Coach - $200/mo - Feeling stuck? I can help. Together we will set goals, motivate, and push forward to reach your highest potential.
  4. Organizational Coach - $200/mo - Feeling overwhelmed? Whether you need help organizing calendars and tasks or identifying how to organize other areas of your life, I can help!
  5. Pack Rats Anonymous - $99/mo - Do you have a lot of “stuff”? You’re not alone! This accountability group will help you get organized and clean out the spaces you’ve been piling things.
  6. Communication is Hard - $50/mo - This group will help you uncover new ways to communicate and get rid of less effective communication styles, including weekly prompts and challenges that will push you forward.
  7. Personal Stylist in Your Pocket - $150/mo - I’m your on-demand stylist. Send questions, potential wardrobe pieces for feedback. I will also provide you with suggestions for 2 complete outfits and where to purchase items each month based on your personal style.
  8. Single Parent Support - $35/mo - Being a single parent is often hard and lonely, this support group will provide a safe place to ask questions, vent, and uplift one another. 
  9. Homeschool Support - $50/mo - This is a space for questions, curriculum and activity recommendations, advice, and encouragement. 
  10. Couponing Club - $30/mo - Want to coupon but unsure of how to get started? We’re here to help. Our group will give you the ins and outs you need to successfully coupon and save money.
  11. Budget Ballers - $50/mo - An accountability group to encourage and share tips on how to budget smarter.
  12. Divorce Support Group - $50/mo - Navigating the emotions and responsibilities that come with divorce can be hard. This group will provide a safe space to share challenges, wins, and encourage others that are in similar situations.
  13. Recovery/Addiction Support Group - $50/mo - Recovery is hard but you’ve made it to the other side! Let this group serve as a source of support, encouragement, and accountability as you continue your recovery journey.
  14. Bible Study - $50/mo - Join a group of like-minded, spiritually led individuals that are looking to dive deeper into the word.
  15. Ministry Coaching - $200/mo - Take the next step in your ministry journey. This will give you the confidence you need to grow and share the message you’ve been given.

Creative Arts Ideas

One-Time Offers

  1. Outline Feedback - $200 - Looking for an extra set of eyes before you dive-in? Share your outline with me and I’ll provide necessary feedback.
  2. Self Publishing Consult - $1000 - In this 2-hour consult we will discuss and cover a variety of aspects that self publishing includes such as proofreading, editing, and distribution.
  3. Figure Drawing Critiques and Tips - $25 - 5-minute feedback sessions, you’ll send me your current work and share anything you might be struggling with. I will share feedback and tips to improve. 
  4. Professional Artist Critique - $25 - 5-minute feedback sessions, you’ll send me your current work and share anything you might be struggling with. I will share feedback and tips to improve. 
  5. Weekly Still Lifes and Critique - $25 - 5-minute feedback sessions, you’ll send me your current work and share anything you might be struggling with. I will share feedback and tips to improve. 
  6. Camera Confidence - $150 - Feeling uncomfortable on camera? I can share tips and tricks to make you feel confident and at ease in front of the lense.
  7. Learn a TikTok Dance in 1 Week - $50 - Pick a Tik Tok dance you want to learn and we’ll spend 5- minutes a day learning and perfecting the dance.

Recurring Offers

  1. Dancing - $75/mo - Each month we will focus on a new technique that you are struggling with or looking to master. I will also provide additional general feedback.
  2. Vocal - $75/mo - Each month we will focus on technique that you are struggling with or looking to master. Or a song that you are polishing for performance.
  3. Creative Writing - $50/mo - Join a group of creative minds and participate in writing prompts while also collaborating and gaining feedback on your current projects.
  4. Drawing - $50/mo - Join a group of creative minds and participate in drawing prompts while also collaborating and gaining feedback on your current projects.
  5. Photography - $50/mo - Join a group of creative minds and participate in photography prompts while also collaborating and gaining feedback on your current projects.
  6. Painting - $50/mo - Join a group of creative minds and participate in painting prompts while also collaborating and gaining feedback on your current projects.
  7. Watercolor Technique - $50/mo - Whether you’re new or old to watercolor painting, join us for tips, and painting prompts to improve your craft.

Business Ideas

One-Time Offers

  1. Team Building - $750 - Team building is not just about trust falls. I will help you build team morale and create new ways for your team to trust, grow, and communicate.
  2. Executive Coach - $500 - Whether you’re a seasoned executive vet or taking on a new role the weight of being an executive can be a lot to carry. I’ll help you navigate it all so you can continue to level up your career as an executive.
  3. Career Coach - $250 - Ready to make a career move? I’ll guarantee you can land the job of your dreams. We will discuss goals, experience, and what you bring to the table to help you land your next role.
  4. Sales Coach - $250 - Struggling to meet quotas or looking for a way to up your sales game? Together we’ll analyze your pitch, current numbers, and more and map out a plan of action so you can hit the ground running.
  5. Conflict Coach - $200 - Struggling with how to handle conflict in the workplace? I can help! We will work together to create ways to communicate effectively and resolve conflict.
  6. Diversity Coach - $300 - Ready to diversify your workplace? We will work together to build a more diverse environment.
  7. Leadership Coach - $200 - I’ll teach you how to build and lead a team that is motivated and engaged.
  8. Interview Skills - $75 - This 30-min session will give you a refresher on how to put your best foot forward in an interview.
  9. Marketing AMA - $125 - 15-minutes to ask me anything about marketing. Whether you have questions about your existing marketing or need recommendations for future efforts.
  10. Resume Review - $125 - This one-time resume review will set you up for success in your job search. We will review experience, formatting, wording, and more.
  11. Mock Interviews - $200 - This 1-hour mock interview session is a great way to brush up on interview skills and gain tips and experience to land your next role. 
  12. Career Transition Bundle - $500 - Ready for change? This package includes a resume review, interview skills refresher, mock interviews, and additional guidance to ensure a smooth transition to a new field.
  13. Dream Job Discovery Session - $250 - This 90-min session will set you on a path to landing your dream job. We will cover what your desired role is, analyze experience and what requirements and steps you need to take to get there.
  14. Virtual Assistant Consulting - $150 - A 30-minute consultation to see how our virtual team can help you and your business grow. We’ll assess need and what qualifications you are looking for.
  15. HR Consultant - $200 - Whether you have inside HR or not sometimes an outside perspective is helpful. This 45-min consult can be used for general questions, learning best practices, or for professional advice.
  16. Tech Support - $150 - This 45-min tech support consult can be used to troubleshoot issues or for recommendations of equipment you are looking to purchase for your business.
  17. Live Presentation Review - $125 - In this 30-min review feedback will be provided to improve your presentation. It can also be used to run through your presentation for critique.
  18. Marketing Advisor - $500 - A deep dive of your existing marketing, goals, and recommendations to improve it.
  19. Small Business Advisor AMA - $125 - 15 minutes to ask me anything business related, things you’re struggling with, new avenues you’re wanting to pursue, and anything else business related you can come up with.

Recurring Offers

  1. Ongoing Async Tech Support - $250/mo - Tech support in your pocket. Troubleshoot tech issues, ask for purchase recommendations anytime you need it.
  2. Financial Planner - $350/mo - We will analyze your finances, set goals, and make recommendations to set you up for a sound financial future, with monthly check-in so stay on track.
  3. Investment Consultant - $750/mo - A deep dive of your investing goals, we will examine current investments, and make recommendations for future investments.
  4. Job Hunter - $500/mo - Let me help you land your next role. This also includes weekly check-ins to see how interviews are going.
  5. Advisor - $2500/mo - I’ll advise you on strategy for your startup.  Weekly check-ins with daily progress reports.
  6. Small Business Coach - $500/mo - Top to bottom analysis of your existing business, goal setting, budgeting, buying, and more.

Angela Hylton

Chief of Staff at Volley

About the Author

Angela is Chief of Staff and so many other things at Volley—an award-winning communication platform. Like a seasoned trapeze artist, she balances marketing, HR, sales, and operations without breaking a sweat. Her sage advice informs executives and eliminates bottlenecks. Coworkers count on her. Recruiters are looking for her. When she's not re-negotiating vendor contracts, you can find her at home with her husband, and two kids in Cleveland, Ohio.

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