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February 1, 2022

Experimental - Open Spaces & Conversations on Volley

Mitchell Dong
Head of Community

Creators, experts, and community managers have found Volley to be a fantastic way to bring their community together face-to-face without coordinating schedules. Below is a list of some open spaces and conversations you could join.

Volley supported (the Volley team is active)

Volley Fan Club
The epicenter of community at Volley - chat directly with the Volley team, talk shop with other users, give feedback on new features, and learn Volley tips and tricks.
Host: The Volley Team

Volley for Video Creators
Learn how to create a face-to-face membership community for your superfans, clients, or students from YouTube guru, Tim Schmoyer.
Host: Tim Schmoyer

Volley for Coaches
Learn how to scale yourself and double revenue by using Volley for 1:1 and group coaching.
Hosts: Erika Coleman, Christian Espinola, Ileigh Reynolds, Daniel Fuson

User supported (the Volley team is not present)*

Success Principles Discussion by Our Success Group
The Success Principles is a book by New York Times Best Selling Author, Jack Canfield. In this group we discuss the Success Principles, support small businesses with tips and discussions and share gratitude and positivity. A Rising Tide Lift All Boats!
Host: Aaron Montgomery

Learn and Connect by Venture Away
A place for entrepreneurs to learn about a new topic every week.
Host: Dale Majors

Business Owners Using Volley
A community where we are sharing tips on using Volley for Business Owners and helping them build communities
Host: Linda Reed-Enever & Clive Enever

All About Sleep (Group DM)
Learn to sleep like a boss–calm, easy, and powerful.
Host: Felix Weinzinger

Alternative Healing
Discussions around alternative healing, particularly with frequency.
Host: Bill Savage

The Bigger Market Global Business
A supportive community for anyone interested in being involved in global business: selling your goods or services abroad, hiring internationally, tips & tips & best practices for global virtual teams, navigating international business culture, increasing revenue and profits by unlocking global strategy.
Host: Jeff Weiser

The Charcuterie Board Club
A space for people to come together to talk snacks, recipes, all that jazz.
Host: Zoe Rierson

Classroom to Boardroom
Carrie is a previous teacher who coaches teachers who would like to transition to EdTech. She runs a program that educates teachers on how EdTech positions work. She also used to work for two EdTech companies before she created Classroom to Boardroom
Host: Carrie Conover

Crypto 101
Introductory, casual conversations about the cryptocurrency space. Experience sharing. Not investment advice.
Host: Joel Reed

Direct Selling
Direct Selling corporate employees or vendors. Not a space for affiliates or distributors.
Host: John Roylance

Fitness in Every Dimension
About busy professionals staying fit; really about life itself and…fitness in any dimension. Whether financially, physically, mentally, or in any other aspect, we’re all about fitness.
Host: Jacob Andra

Looking and Being Your Best Online
Utilizing our 27,000+ hours of online experience to help people feel more confident and connected online.
Host: Erika Coleman

Mindset and Resilience
Open dialog about mindset and resilience. Ask me anything.
Host: Clayton Borah

Teaching Zen
Helping educators teach through the lens of self-care
Host: Tina Benson

Video Editors
This is a space around the video editing niche. We discuss camera gear, editing in Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, DaVinci Resolve as well as color grading.
Host: Benjamin DeVries

Volley Book Club
A community-run book club where we read and discuss the most excellent books.
Host: Jacob Andra

*We love our users and are proud of their courageous and experimental use of Volley, that said, we have no control over the experience in a user supported community other than that governed by our Terms of Service.

Mitchell Dong

Head of Community at Volley

About the Author

Mitchell Dong is a Hawai’i-grown marketer and educator who has spent his career telling brand stories and creating educational content for a range of organizations. He is the head of community at Volley, where he spends his days educating, supporting, and illuminating Volley users.

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