Conversations & Space Tours with Volley Creators, Coaches, and Community Builders

Conversations & Space Tours with Volley Creators, Coaches, and Community Builders

August 1, 2022

Participate in the conversation, ask your questions, and learn together!

Remember MTV Cribs?

Cribs gave us a peek into the lifestyles and homes of the rich and famous. While very amusing, it lacked utility. The musicians and stars flexed their 4 car garages, lavish mansions, and massive shoe collections, but they didn't talk about how they got to where they were.

Our goal with Volley Cribs is to give you a glimpse into the ecosystems of Volley power-users and how they are leveraging Volley to create meaningful community, coaching, collaboration, and much more.

You'll see their actual spaces, learn from their workflows, and understand how they are monetizing Volley. But, this is Volley.... So, this will not be just a simple broadcast. This is a conversation. Jump in, ask questions, and experience the possibilities of flexible face-to-face communication!

AMA with Dane Sanders | August 3rd

Dane Sanders is the co-founder of Men & Women Of Discomfort ( — a community that leverages voluntary discomfort as a training ground for life transformation. Every 90 days, new cohorts opt-in for the freedom that only comes with less distraction, convenience, and comfort.

Dane is also CEO at and the host at He and his family live in Auburn, California and online at

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AMA with Katie Orr | July 20th

Katie Orr loves helping women enjoy next-level Bible study, and her innovative Bible study methods are used by thousands around the world. She is the author of Secrets of the Happy Soul: Experience the Deep Delight You Were Made For, seven FOCUSed15 Bible studies, and is the creator of the Bible Study Hub community where women can receive training, encouragement, and accountability to enjoy God’s Word. Katie holds a Masters of Arts in Discipleship from New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. She and her husband Chris, along with their three children live in central Florida. Learn more about and connect with Katie at

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