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October 20, 2022

How to Monetize a Website

Josh Little
Co-founder & CEO

It isn't easy to monetize a site without some initial website traffic. But you may not need as much traffic as you think to start monetizing your site. For example, a simple site about your membership, coaching, or community program can convert consistently weekly. But how much traffic you have will help determine how you approach monetization.

The fastest way to monetize and start making sales is to build consumer trust and provide value.

Remember, to monetize your site successfully, you must be willing to invest time and dedication. While you may not receive the earnings, you believe you should at first, you shouldn't let this discourage you.

Establish Products

If you are selling goods and services, create a site that is easy to navigate and keep the checkout process as simple as you can. It’s important to get your potential customer from product introduction to payment confirmation in as few steps as possible.

You might be thinking “But wait, I don’t have any products to sell!” Products can also be a paid membership area of your site filled with educational resources of your area of expertise; this could include articles, videos, files, etc. Offering and monetizing virtual courses, mastermind programs, group coaching and 1:1 coaching using platforms like Volley is a great way for you and others to communicate asynchronously. 

Build Trust

It’s important to showcase why you are an authority on the goods and services you are selling. Why should people purchase what you’re offering? By sharing your knowledge throughout your site and consistently across social channels like Facebook, Instagram, etc. people will begin to trust you and that authority will turn into people wanting to learn or purchase more from you.

Let others help build your authority. By providing things like product reviews from consumers potential consumers are hearing from actual people that have found value in what you offer. Sharing tutorials of how to get started with your coaching program and also customer testimonials can also be beneficial. 

Sell Ad Space on Your Website 

There are a variety of ways to go about selling space on your website. You can choose to manually find advertisers which tends to take time or you can use a tool like Google AdSense where they create and place banners throughout your site. 

In this respect, advertisements are a "loose" term. The published ads can be linked at the bottom of your page with small pop-ups or side banners. Pricing for this will vary depending on if you choose to manually find advertisers or use a service.

Affiliate Marketing 

Are you good at reviewing or promoting products? If so, affiliate marketing may be a smart way to earn passive income. You can find more than a few companies that offer affiliate programs.

Affiliate programs are often as simple as sharing links via your website and social media. When assessing what affiliate programs might be a fit for you it is important to make sure it also aligns with your followers and their interests.

With affiliate links, you earn a commission when your reader purchases the services or products you have promoted. It's said that affiliate marketing is an easy way to earn a passive income if your website has a somewhat active user base that believes what you say.

Sponsored Content 

Sponsored content refers to a situation where you collaborate with brands you partner with. It doesn't matter if you have started a blog or are building a website; having sponsored content is a lucrative option. In this case, other businesses will pay you to create content on their behalf and then publish it on your site.

The content can be sales announcements, reviews, infographics, offers, or a product. You can write them, or the sponsoring brand can. You can charge a higher rate if you write the post yourself and publish it on your website. Before you try this method, consider if you have enough influence online to make it a lucrative venture.

Tips for Monetizing Your Website

There's no question that earning money from your website can be an exciting idea. However, to do this, you need to plan, strategize and be prepared to dedicate a lot of time and consistency to building your virtual foundation before you start seeing results.

Let’s face it, monetizing via a website is not for everyone. Not everyone wants to figure out how to build and maintain a website, nor do they have the money to pay someone to do it for them. The beauty of Volley is that it provides a space for you to conduct your course and connect with others while also managing the ecommerce piece for you has great appeal. Volley is intended to be a one stop shop for anyone looking to monetize their educational and coaching assets and simplify access for the consumer.

Volley on mobile and desktop

One of the great things about Volley is that it provides a unique opportunity for you to build your coaching, mastermind, or mentorship program all in one place. You can host your program asynchronously and also capture payment all in one platform. No need for coordinating schedules, synchronous calls, emails, texts, zoom meetings, etc. Communicate via video, voice, text, and more all on Volley.

Josh Little

4x Founder, Tinkerer, Tenor, Brinemaster. CEO of Volley.

About the Author

Josh Little started his career as a teacher then moved into sales training and education roles at three Fortune 500 companies before making the leap into entrepreneurship. Over the last 15 years, Josh built four successful tech companies (Maestro, Bloomfire, Qzzr, and Volley) that have improved the lives of hundreds of millions of people and been able to consult with some of the top brands in the world. He has a firm believe that a great conversation can change your life and with Volley he's making them easier to have anywhere, anytime.

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