Volley Partner Program

Volley Partner Program

March 3, 2022

We're excited to announce the Volley Partner Program. Get paid to share Volley!

Volley has proven to be a magical product with the average power user spending 10-20 hours a week in meaningful conversation and some zealots well over 20 hours! Given that the product is sticky and seeing healthy organic growth, it's time to accelerate. To scale these growth efforts we're announcing the Volley Partner Program

What is it?

It's pretty simple.  Get paid to invite people to Volley.

Who is it for?

The ideal partner has an audience (minimum 10k) of our most successful users, who are people in the "knowledge business" (think: creators, coaches, consultants, solopreneurs, teachers, authors, thought leaders, etc). You know the type. They are probably creating courses, building community, coaching, or all of the above.  Our message: Volley has built the killer app for you. ;)

How does it work?

Partners invite people to use Volley with any invite link and we pay them for the three things that matter to us–(1) Users (2) who invite other users (3) who retain.

Therefore partners are compensated for:

  1. Direct invites (1st tier users invited directly by the partner)
  2. Indirect invites (2nd tier users invited by the 1st tier)
  3. Retention bonus (when any 1st or 2nd tier user sends their 100th volley)

Why is it special?

We're completely aligned so you can make more money and have fun while doing it. Because we're not using affiliate links, but actually using the invite mechanism of the product and the built-in network effects, we can pay more because you are adding value directly to our network and we can lean in behind you.

Where do I sign up?

Conversation starters wanted. Click here to apply.