The best education is a conversation

Volley is a new kind of learning platform using flexible face-to-face (FF2F) technology to combine the best of 1:1, 1:many, and many:1 instruction.

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How-to Use Volley For Education

Conversational learning

Q: What would the best learning experience be if time and space didn't exist?

A: A conversation with an expert.

Volley can provide this ultimate learning experience through asynchronous video conversations with an individual or group.

A perfectly blended experience

Courses are scalable and flexible, but a one-size-fits-all experience. Instructor-led education can be personalized, but is not scalable or on-demand. Volley is the best of both worlds.

The timeline is the new classroom

In Volley, everyone has an equal opportunity to add to the shared pool of meaning using the full suite of tools - video, screen recording, audio, text, images, GIFs, files, and documents.

Nina Bullock
Business Development @ HTS

“Even though I haven’t seen them in person, I can hear it in their voice, I can see it in their face, I can feel all of these things and it allows me to be a greater leader.

Gilbert Lee
Founder @ 8TY

“The conversations are more human. I can see people’s emotions in their volleys and capture the nuances of what they’re saying without having to meet or Zoom.”

Martin Barnes
Founder @ 8 Seconds 2 Connect

“Volley is so good at keeping ideas in the air and moving fast between people. Volley is what the world has been waiting for.”

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Try Volley. It’s free!
For iPhone, Android, Mac & PC