The end of meetings as we know it.

Volley allows you to move work forward with asynchronous video conversations so you can meet less and communicate more.

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The way you work is about to change.

I'm listening...

To move work forward, we must talk.

At the heart of all important business communication is a conversation.

But there's a problem...

What’s the issue?

Need to talk?
You currently have two options:

Slow or interruptive.

Slow but flexible
We can speak 7-8x faster than we can compose an email or text.
The average worker spends 11 hours per week on email
We tolerate the slowness because of the flexibility
Rich but interruptive
of communication is tone of voice and body language
of managers say meetings prevent them from doing their work
We tolerate interruptions because of the richness

We need something in between.

Something that’s both rich and  flexible.

What’s the solution?

Meet Volley

The conversation hub for work.

The richness of talk meets the flexibility of text.

Start a conversation

Have productive conversations with team members, colleagues, or clients.

Volley back & forth asynchronously

Just like any other conversation, we take turns, except in Volley you record your turn with video.

Neatly organized by team

Part of multiple teams or groups? Need some separation? Volley has you covered.

Speed the conversation up

You can speak 7-8 times faster than you can write and comprehend speech sped up 2-3 times faster than that.

All your people, in one place

You’re never more than one tap away from a conversation with your team members or contacts.

Make a face-to-face intro

Text and email intros are painful.  Volley lets you make face-to-face intros in conversations that you can actually leave. What a concept!

See how others reacted

Volley lets you make good use of the full range of emoji’s (with pro-active notifications.

Share links with a text volley

Sharing text and links are an important part of work. Volley stitches text right into the context of the conversation.

Audio volleys (coming soon)

Bad hair day? Want to maintain your mysterious persona?  Volley can speed you up without slowing you down.

Record your screen or whiteboard

With the flip of a camera, Volley can become your favorite handheld show & tell device.

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Tell me more!

A Time to Volley

When Slack is underkill. When Zoom is overkill

When you need to talk, but don’t want to interrupt. When you’re tempted to write a long email or chat thread. When you’re scheduling a meeting or call that doesn’t need to be.

Daily Standup

Volley that update and watch the others at 2X speed.


Capture creativity when it happens, not when the clock says it should.


Why wait to “jump on a call” when you could start volleying right now.

Project Updates

Just volley it and get back to moving the project forward.

One on Ones

They could be so much more if they were on-demand and ongoing.

Mastermind Groups

Easily to have conversations with people outside of your company.


The fidelity of IRL with the flexibility of text.

Board Meetings

Why are we waiting ‘til next month to talk?


Volley naturally promotes just-in-time learning.

Volley is wrong for you if:

You wish you had more meetings on your calendar.
You don’t get what this Zoom fatigue is all about.
You don’t mind listening to people talk at just 1X speed.
You love interruptions & distractions!
You live to write long emails.
You believe the future of work looks just like the past.

Show me more

Volley fills the space between Slack and Zoom

(and often replaces them)

Slack vs Volley

  • Took 78 seconds to write
  • Took 2 minutes to find & upload image
  • Provides 7% of context  (93% of communication is nonverbal)
  • Took 11 seconds to say
  • Instantly flipped camera during volley to show issue
  • Provides 100% of context

Zoom vs Volley

  • Took 30 minutes (Parkinsons Law)
  • Interrupted 5 people
  • All 5 people attended the entire time
  • Have to endure real-time
  • Can’t refer back (unless you record, but who does that?)
  • Took 7 minutes (5 volleys)
  • Interruption free
  • 2 people realized this didn’t apply to them after 30 secs
  • Able to view at 2X
  • Automatically recorded and available for 7 days

I love to read...

The case for Volley

If you’ve read this far, we’re guessing you probably like numbers.

It seems you’ve reached the depths of our desire to write site content.

The numbers didn’t do it? What about the Slack vs Zoom stuff?  No? Need more convincing?

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