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The fastest way to human connection.

Volley is a video messaging app that makes it possible to talk face-to-face flexibly. It's the killer app for coaching, community, and collaboration.

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Flexible Face-to-Face

A messaging app with a flair for video

Volley is a video messaging app that makes it easy to have meaningful on-demand 1:1 conversation or create your own space for your coaching clients, side-hustle team, or VIP fans.

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Volley Fan Club

The epicenter of community at Volley. Chat directly with the Volley team, ask questions, give feedback, and learn about new features.

Volley for Coaches

Discuss how to coach 5x the clients and improve results without having to be on Zoom all day.

Volley for Video Creators

Discuss ways to engage your inner circle with a membership community that builds incredibly powerful relationships they’ll never leave.

See, hear, and feel the difference

Unlike chat

Volley's core experience is based on face-to-face video messaging which quickly creates incredibly powerful connection.

Unlike video conferencing

Volley is asynchronous which means you can participate on your own time without having to coordinate schedules.

Unlike social feeds

Volley enables a meaningful, inclusive conversation where anyone has a voice...and a face.

Use Volley for:


Coaching, tutoring, teaching, mentoring, consulting or just talking!


Communities, masterclasses, courses, course discussion


Masterminds, social learning, group coaching, collaboration


Scale yourself with on-demand coaching

Volley allows personalized friction-free coaching to take place at scale with our “coach in your pocket” approach.

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Ditch the “feed” and nurture real human connection

Don't post at your group, talk with them.  Volley enables flexible face-to-face conversation which is the fastest way to human connection.

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Team communication evolved

Collaborating using video messaging naturally leads to improved communication, increased connection, and reduced meetings.

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Volley is not for you if:

You prefer faceless communication.
You have nothing to say...
You wish there was less connection and community in the world.
You don’t mind listening to people at 1x speed.
You wish you had more meetings on your calendar.
You believe the future of communication looks like the past.

What are you waiting for?

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