Move work forward faster

Replace back-to-back meetings with asynchronous video conversations.

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How it works

Just like any other conversation, we take turns, except in Volley you record your turn with video (a volley).  Instead of scheduling a meeting or jumping on Zoom, send a volley.

You'll be in good company

Meet Less

Volley can reduce time spent in meetings by 50% or more.

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Communicate more

Teams using Volley experience greater connection and stronger relationships.

Increase efficiency

You can talk 7-8x faster than you can compose an email or Slack message.

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Conversation elevated

Taking turns asynchronously gives you time to think, which dramatically improves the clarity and brevity of your response.

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Speed things up

Speed up the world around you by listening to others on 2x. Skip the parts that don’t pertain to you.

Be more inclusive

Unlike synchronous meetings, in Volley, everyone has an equal opportunity to hit the record button.

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Increase productivity

With a calendar free of meetings, you’ll have large stretches of time to do amazing work.

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Expand your network

Use Volley for conversations with clients and professionals outside of your company.

Total recall

Volleys are automatically recorded so you can refer back to them. With a free account, your volleys stick around for a full week (7 days) before they expire.

Ready to move work forward faster?

Try Volley. It’s free!
For iPhone, Android, Mac, and PC

Start with a volley

Volley improves the speed and clarity of these activities and more:

Daily Standup

Volley that update and watch the others at 2X speed.


Capture creativity when it happens, not when the clock says it should.


Why wait to “jump on a call” when you could start volleying right now.

Project Updates

Just volley it and get back to moving the project forward.

One on Ones

They could be so much more if they were on-demand and ongoing.

Face-to-face intros

Volley is the perfect way to bring people together.


The fidelity of IRL with the flexibility of text.

Board Meetings

Why are we waiting ‘til next month to talk?


Volley naturally promotes just-in-time learning.

Volley is wrong for you if:

You wish you had more meetings on your calendar.
You don’t get what this Zoom fatigue is all about.
You don’t mind listening to people talk at just 1X speed.
You love interruptions & distractions!
You live to write long emails.
You believe the future of work looks just like the past.

What are you waiting for?

Try Volley. It’s free!
For iPhone, Android, Mac, and PC