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Free to all. Upgrade to pro for individual superpowers. Create a space for a group thing.


For basic async video comms


30-day message history
Video volleys (2 min limit)
Text volleys
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For individuals who need powerful results

$10  /mo

1-year message history
Video, Audio & Screen volleys (10 min limit)
Text, Image & GIF
All of BASIC ✌️
Speed up playback
High-res volleys
File upload (250 MB)
Download a volley
Mark for follow up
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For team collaboration, groups, and communities

$25  /mo*

Set custom message history
Set custom recording time limits
All volley types
All of PRO 👊
Interactive transcripts
Scheduled volleys
Broadcast and open channels
Admin moderation
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*starting at $25/mo for up to 10 members.
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Real results from 😍 real people.

Beverly Simpson
Health Pro Coach & Trainer

"I can have that touch point, have the connection with my clients while being on the go, and [...] has really increased the value of my programs and offerings… and I love it."

Pilar Gutierrez
Performance & Healing Coach

"Volley has has really broken the rules on what it means to connect with each other and really reinterpreted it into something so much more positive and valuable with the asynchronous format."

Dane Sanders
Men & Women of Discomfort

"I can't imagine a better tool for building community, creating sticky conversations, inviting people in an elegant way to engage in a human manner [...] We couldn't be more grateful."

Katie Orr
Teacher, Speaker, Author

"Volley is a game changer for community leaders like me, not only because it helps me be more effective and more efficient, but because it also provides a special and unique space for deeper personal connections."

Jeff Weiser
CEO @ Go to Market

"My business revolves around clear communication. So, it's critical to be able to communicate in the right medium at the right time.. hands down, it had to be Volley."

Gilbert Lee
CXO @ Taurus

“The conversations are more human. I can see people’s emotions in their volleys and capture the nuances of what they’re saying without having to meet or Zoom.”

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Answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Free? Really?

Yes. We believe you'll fall in love with Volley and will someday be happy to pay for an upgraded experience.

What happens when a volley expires?

When a volley expires, it's no longer visible in the conversation.

Why is there a video volley limit on the free plan?

As you can imagine, it's really expensive to store videos. In order to keep the product free, we need to create this limit. Also, it helps you get to the point faster (not all bad).

How many DMs can I have?

As many as you can manage.

How many people can be in a DM?

There is currently no limit. We've seen DMs with hundreds of people, but we wouldn't recommend it.

What happens to messages once they expire?

We keep messages on hand for 30 days after they expire in case you want to upgrade.  After that, they go to message heaven :).


Is this for individuals or groups?

The Pro plan allows you to have upgraded features as an individual user. You'll be able to enjoy more volley types with longer expiration with extra special features in all of your "Direct Messages." The people you're messaging with will not have these features unless they are also a pro user.

What's the difference between Pro and Spaces?

The Pro plan gives you upgraded features for your individual account only in Direct Messages. Spaces allow you to create a place where groups can enjoy bi-directional communication using channels and DMs within the space. Everyone in a space is able to enjoy the upgraded features of that space. Our rule of thumb -  If you have more than 10 or so people, you'll probably want a space.


Can I have multiple spaces?

Yes, you can choose any plan for any of the spaces you own.  Many Volley users own multiple spaces for the flexible face-to-face communication needs in their life (team, clients, students, fans, family, church, etc.).  Choose whatever plan floats your boat.

Are there discounts for large groups?

Sure, let's talk!

Can I charge for access to my space?

Yes, but this is not something that Volley offers. You'll need to use a third party tool for billing, but you can send an invite link to a space in a confirmation email.

Do I own my content and space?

Totally.  For more details, you can read our terms of service.

How many members can I have in my space?

Space members are limited by the plan you choose.

How does annual pricing work?

It has the same mechanics as monthly, just a longer billing cycle (and a nice discount ;).  

Does Volley offer refunds?

No.  If you downgrade to a free plan, you’ll have access to the services you paid for until the end of the billing cycle.

What happens to my message history if I downgrade?

Your space members will have access to the message history that your plan offers until the space is downgraded at the end of your billing cycle.  Once downgraded, your message history will be accessible according to your new plan.  Any messages created prior to the message history limit of the new plan will be expired and be permanently deleted.

Can I add or remove members from my space?

Yes.  You can add or remove members at any time up to the plan limit. If you need more members than your current plan, you can upgrade at any time.  When you upgrade, you be billed a pro-rated amount for the current billing period.  

What happens if I want to cancel or downgrade?

You’ll have access to the services you subscribed to until the end of your billing cycle.

What happens if I want to downgrade my space?

If you downgrade to another paid plan, you’ll receive a pro-rated credit which will be applied to your next bill.  If you downgrade to a free plan, you’ll have access to the services you subscribed to until the end of your billing cycle.

Can I change my plan later on?

Yep, you can chance your plan at any time.

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