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The app for the way we work now

The app for the way we work now

Meet your new daily driver – a video messaging app with interactive transcripts neatly organized into workspaces designed for remote work.

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Improve communication

How you say it matters as much as what you say. Tone of voice and body language give your message the context, emotion, and humanity it deserves.

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Gilbert Lee
Founder @ 8TY

“The conversations are more human. I can see people’s emotions in their volleys and capture the nuances of what they’re saying without having to meet or Zoom.”

Nina Bullock
Business Development @ HTS

“Even though I haven’t seen them in person, I can hear it in their voice, I can see it in their face, I can feel all of these things and it allows me to be a greater leader.

Mason Brown
Copywriter @ Experts Exchange

“I think this is such an awesome solution. Especially for people my age. I’m 25. It just feels natural to communicate this way.

Increase connection

Communication is culture, especially for remote teams. Volley fosters team cohesion like never before.

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Mark Wu
Founder @ Limbotics

“I really love the product. It’s made our team a lot more effective. It’s so much easier to motivate people in a virtual environment.”

Parker Tycksen
Sales Manager @ Thumbtack

"We’ve worked from home for over a year, so we’ve missed each other’s energy and presence. Volley made it possible for us to feel that energy again

Ahmed Youssry
Impact Investment @ S[k]ale Up Ventures

“It’s so much more human than any other communication app. I feel like I’m there with you and you’re here with me.”  

Reduce Meetings

Need to talk? Send a volley instead of scheduling a meeting.

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Rob Alan
CEO @ Monumental

“We have only one meeting a week. For everything else, we use Volley, and it’s fantastic.”

Amelia Wilcox
CEO @ Novati

“I love Volley for recruiting. I recently brought all of the top sales executive applicants into a group Volley convo with my team. It’s sort of like a group hiring.“

Clement Cazalot
Managing Director @ Techstars Boston

“You folks at Volley have nailed it. This app is beautiful. I’m moving all of my team to do standup on Volley.”

Move work forward faster

You can talk 7-8x faster than you can type and you can listen 2-3 times faster than that.

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Steve Lefkovitz
Partner @ RealtyCom

“I can do in 3-4 minutes what would have taken 30 minutes in a Zoom call”

Martin Barnes
Founder @ 8 Seconds 2 Connect

“Volley is so good at keeping ideas in the air and moving fast between people. Volley is what the world has been waiting for.”

Kasey Hart
Community Manager @ Experts Exchange

Volley does indeed move work forward faster. Even more important for me is it has allowed me to move relationships forward.”

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When to volley

Volley replaces your Slacks, your Looms, and even some of your Zooms.

Daily Standup

Volley that update and watch the others at 2X speed.


Just-in-time assistance filled with warmth,  context, and humanity.


When you feel creative–not when the clock says you should.

1 on 1

Deepen relationships with rich on-demand conversation.


Record your screen and others can view it on their own time.

Progress Reports

Skip the meeting and update everyone in a few minutes.


Ramp up or ramp down from your next meeting.

Wild story from last weekend

Yeah, the team needs to hear all about it.

Fire Kevin from accounting

Nah, go live for that one. For everything else, there’s Volley.

Volley is not for you if:

You wish you had more meetings on your calendar.
You don’t get what this Zoom fatigue is all about.
You don’t mind listening to people talk at just 1X speed.
You love interruptions & distractions!
You love to write long emails.
You believe the future of work looks just like the past.

What are you waiting for?

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