Channels [Video]

Channel vs. DMs

Channels are open and discoverable—any member of your space can find, join, and leave a channel.  DMs are private—only those invited can participate.  Both channels and DMs allow the same communication once inside them, but channels have additional settings that can be controlled by the space admin.

When to use a channel

Channels should be used for space-wide discussions (such as Introduce Yourself or Everyone) as well as open-to-anyone communication around ongoing topics/themes (such as Coaching Discussion or Daily Standup), education (such as Course Module 1 or Question of the Week), or sub-groups (such as Marketing Team or Book Club).

Because they are more active and visited frequently, channels are at the top of your space.

Pro Tip: Start with fewer channels and create new ones only as needed. This will help keep the discussion focused, active, and engaging. Having fewer channels reduces decision fatigue and/or confusion for new space members.

When to use a DM

A DM is a closed, invite-only way to talk to someone within your same space. There can be both one-to-one DMs as well as group DMs, but these are not openly discoverable like channels. In order to be a part of a DM, someone needs to add you to that DM, you cannot join it yourself as you can with a channel.

Pro Tip: Any lively group DMs can be promoted to a channel by right-clicking (desktop) or long-pressing (mobile) on the channel name > View details > Promote to channel. Note: This will convert the private DM to a channel, making it open and discoverable to all space members.

How to create a channel

  1. Click the floating (+) button
  2. Click "New channel"

  1. Give the channel a name
  2. Write a channel description
  3. Choose an emoji or upload an icon to set the channel apart
  4. Set channel default (see below)

7.Add space members (if applicable)

Types of channels

Everyone channel: In order to ensure that there is at least one channel that everyone is a participant of, the "Everyone" channel is different than all other channels. Posting permissions, participant settings controls, and the ability to delete or leave this channel are limited. However, you can change the name, icon, and description if needed.

All other channels: this setting automatically adds all space members to this channel.  This also includes new space members who join in the future.  However, anyone can leave a channel, even if it's set as default.  The only channel that a participant can't leave is the "Everyone" channel.

Channel Details & Settings

  1. Select a channel
  2. Click "channel details" (channel icon in the upper right)

The Channel Details area allows the channel creator and admins to add/update channel icons, titles, descriptions, and posting/participant permissions.

Posting Permissions:

Everyone can volley— Any participant in the channel can volley in the main timeline.
Everyone can reply in threads— Any participant can reply to volleys in the main timeline via a thread.

Participant Settings:

Add everyone— Automatically adds all current and future members to this channel.

Pro Tip: You can create a "broadcast" or "announcements" channel by turning off the "Everyone can volley" and turning on the "Add everyone" setting. This will enable only admins or those who have been granted permission to share in the main timeline.

How to join a channel

  1. In the Channels section, click on the browse icon next to the word "Channels"
  2. Here you will be shown a list of all the channels in the space you're currently in
  3. Click the "join" button for any channel you wish to join

How to leave a channel

  1. Right-click (desktop) or long-press (mobile) on the channel
  2. Select "leave channel"

Alternatively, if you just want to silence notifications for a particular channel, repeat step 1 and select "silence notifications"

How to delete a channel (admin only)

  1. Enter the channel
  2. Click "channel details" (channel icon in the top-right corner)
  3. Select "delete channel"

How to prevent space members from creating channels (admin only)

  1. Click on your space settings (gear icon lower-left corner, select the space you want to update these settings for)
  2. Toggle "Members can create channels" off

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