Direct Messages vs. Spaces

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Volley was built from the ground up to enable meaningful conversation for communities, groups, and teams so they can build connections asynchronously.

There are two ways to gather people on Volley – in Direct Messages or in a space

In Direct Messages

Invite people to a conversation in "Direct Messages" (DMs) if they don't need to interact beyond the conversation itself (for groups of clients, friends, or colleagues who want to collaborate in a single conversation).

To start a 1:1 DM with someone that you're in a space with, navigate to your direct messages (your profile picture or initials in the top-left corner) click the blue plus button and select who you want to talk to from your list of contacts or search for them using the search field.

Select their name and a new 1:1 DM will be started with them. Record your first volley to them, and you are off to the races!

To start a 1:1 DM with someone that you're not already connected with, send them your TTMOV link:

1) Go to “Direct Messages” (your profile picture or initials in the top-left corner), then click “Invite” at the top of the screen.

You can also access your TTMOV link by clicking the big floating action button (FAB) with a plus sign, then click "Invite people to Volley"

2). Click "Customize invite link." Here you can add your intro volley, make a short bio, copy your link to share with others, and claim your vanity URL, among other things.

3) Click “Copy” and share with people you want to talk to on Volley!

To start a group DM, follow these steps:

1) Go to “Direct Messages” (your profile picture or initials in the top left corner), click the floating action button (FAB) with a big plus sign, then click "New group DM"

2) Give the group DM a name and add a picture if you'd like

3) Select the people you would like to join this new group DM.

Note: the list that is populated here (under "Select Members") is a list of anyone you are in a DM or space with in Volley. If the person you want to chat with is not already on Volley or not in that list, hit the "Skip button, select this group DM from your list of DMs, click "Invite" in the top-right corner, click "Copy", and then send the link to the correct people.

In a space

Invite people to a space if you want them to be able to find and connect with each other and create their own convos and channels (like teams of co-workers, a coaching group, a community, etc.).

How to create a space:

1. Create a new space by clicking the three dots at the bottom of your left toolbar

2. Name the space and upload an icon

3. Click the "Invite" button next to your space name to then invite people to your space, or select people from your contacts in Volley

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