How to create a space [Video]

Creating a space

Invite people to a space if you want them to be able to find and connect with each other and create their own convos and channels (like groups of co-workers, a coaching group, a community, a family chat, etc.).

How to create a space:

1. Create a new space by clicking the three dots at the bottom of your left toolbar

2. Choose a template to get started or start from scratch to create your own channels

3. Name the space and upload an icon

Additionally, you can decide whether you want to allow space members to invite others or create channels

4. Add a welcome video (record a video or screen share natively in Volley or upload a pre-recorded video. You can also add relevant information and guidelines related to the space. These will display on the invite landing page and in a pop-up window when someone joins your space for the first time.

5. Invite members from your Volley connections or by clicking the copy button to copy your space invite link to your clipboard. Share this link via email, DM, or anywhere else online to bring people into your space.

You can also retrieve this link by clicking the "Invite" button next to your space name.

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