Inviting someone with your custom invite link

Talk To Me On Volley

When you share your Talk to me on Volley (TTMOV) link, you record a short introduction video for everyone to see, and then anyone who clicks on your TTMOV link will be put into an individual DM with just you and them, and the very first volley in the DM will already be there - your TTMOV video. Think of it like an answering machine: you have a prerecorded message (your TTMOV video) that everyone who tries to contact you sees, they leave you a message (another volley in the DM), and you respond when you get around to it.

Pro tip: this is a game changer when put in a LinkedIn bio, when sent in response to a DM, or even when put into an email signature.  Anyone can click on your TTMOV link and they’re in a DM with you.

To access and share your TTMOV link, follow these steps:

1) Go to “Direct Messages” (Your profile picture or initials in the top left corner), then click “Invite” at the top of the screen.

You can also access your TTMOV link by clicking the big floating action button (FAB) with a plus sign, then click "Invite people to Volley"

2). Click "Customize invite link". Here you can add your intro volley, make a short bio, copy your link to share with others, and claim your vanity URL, among other things.

3) Click “Copy” and share with people you want to talk to on Volley!

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