Screen Recording

You can easily share a recording of your screen in any volley conversation from one of our desktop apps.

1) To start - click the "Record Screen" icon in the toolbar or use the keyboard shortcut by hitting the "S" key.

2) Then choose to record an entire screen or just a single window

3) Now we're recording.  It's time to show what you need to show.

Note: that little recording window will not be seen in your recording if you select a specific window

4) When you're done, click the record button to stop. If you have review before sending switched on you'll see a preview of the volley.  Click the Send button or the "V" key to share your volley. Use the "Fullscreen" icon or hit the "F" key to enter fullscreen.

Pro tip: Shortcut keys

  • "S" to start screen recording
  • "V" to send the recording
  • "F" when enter or leave fullscreen mode
  • "<" or ">" to change speed once in fullscreen mode
  • "Space" or "K" to pause/resume playback

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