Screen Recording Permissions on Mac

If the Volley desktop app for Mac...

  • keeps prompting you for permissions to screen record over and over
  • doesn't allow you to start a screen recording volley (button is dead)
  • only shows your desktop background while screen recording

...then you're stuck in an older version of the app.

This is because you are an early adopter and pioneer.  You have one of our early versions of the desktop app (1.0.7) that will get stuck in an updatable state, yet still sort of work.  The good news is, it's easy to fix.

How to fix it

1. From your "Applications" folder, drag Volley app to the trash.

2. Empty the trash.

3. Reboot. (Super important!)

4. Install the latest version of the Volley app for Mac.

5. Run the Volley app.

6. Test to see if you can record a video volley and a screen recording volley.  If so, success!  If not, you may need to grant permissions.

How to grant permissions (after clean install above)

If the app says you don't have permissions after the above steps:

1. Quit out of the Volley app.

2. Open System Preferences --> Security & Privacy. Scroll down the left menu to BOTH the Microphone and Camera and check the box for Volley.

3. Run the Volley app.

You should now be able to record all types of volleys.  Crack open a soda, pat yourself on the back, and put on some good music.

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