Upload a video I recorded outside of Volley

How to upload a video that was recorded somewhere outside of Volley

On your mobile device, there are multiple ways upload an image or video that you have on your camera roll.

Click the gallery button in the lower right-hand corner, and then chose whether you want to take a photo, choose a photo (from your camera roll), choose a video (from your camera roll), or share a GIF (from the GIPHY library).

Sharing files on your desktop

To send any file (including images and videos) on your desktop, select the paperclip icon to launch a file browser.

Select the file you would like to send. Or, just drag and drop into the Volley window and it will automatically send!

Note: There is a 50MB file size upload limit (Basic plan) or 250MB (Volley Pro plan) for any file sent as a volley.

To easily find all of the image, gif, and file volleys shared in any DMs or Channels (available within Volley Pro Spaces), select the conversation, then click/tap on the "Transcript" tab, then click/tap on the "FILES" tab.

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