Video resolution and optimization

The best resolution, dimensions, and frame rate for your uploaded videos

Video is the hero of Volley, and we are constantly optimizing the app to bring fast and flexible face-to-face conversation to more people.

Because connectivity is so important, Volley will optimize your videos to make them available to be streamed at various resolutions depending on the end viewer's network connection. To ensure the best quality video is available for viewing for both your conversations and sales pages, here are some helpful guidelines:

There are two ways to create videos in Volley:

1. Natively recorded videos (using Volley's in-app recording tools)

Videos recorded natively on a desktop will be cropped to a 4:3 aspect ratio, and videos recorded on mobile (Android & iOS) will retain their aspect ratio.

Note: Screen recordings (available on desktop) will retain their aspect ratio and be processed at a higher resolution to ensure minimal loss of information.

2. Uploaded videos

You can upload videos from both mobile and desktop. These pre-recorded videos will be processed and available for viewing in the timeline just like a natively recorded volley. This includes automatic transcriptions/closed captions.

To upload a video from the browser or desktop app, simply drag the video file into the channel or DM or use the paperclip icon to open your file browser.

To upload a video from a mobile device, tap on the gallery icon and choose "Chose a Video"

If you are uploading a video for your Consult with Me, Grow Space, or Talk to Me on Volley landing page, we recommend the following settings to ensure the best quality.

Recommended resolution/dimensions for uploaded videos:

- 1080x810px (4:3 aspect ratio)

Note: Grow/Pro spaces and Consult with Me DMs have a file upload limit of 250mb. To decrease the size of your file, you can reduce the resolution to 720x540, lower the frame rate to 15fps, or record the volley natively.


Once you have recorded or uploaded a pitch video, we recommend uploading a custom thumbnail.

Just like other video platforms, the thumbnail is an opportunity to capture someone's attention and add visual intrigue and proof that reinforces the description on your sales page.

Recommended dimensions for thumbnails:

- 1080x810px (4:3 aspect ratio)

Note: The desktop video player displays play controls and a slight gradient over your thumbnail. To ensure readability on all platforms, we recommend that you avoid the inclusion of any text or important information in the bottom quarter (200px) of your thumbnail.

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