Marco Polo Channels Alternative

Marco Polo Channels Alternative

November 1, 2021

Marco Polo Channels shutting down? We have a solution.

Are you bummed about Marco Polo shutting down the Channels app?  Looking for an alternative? Look no further than Volley.

Volley workspaces are like Marco Polo Channels with benefits.  In fact, you can create multiple channels and conversations within a workspace. A workspace allows you to invite a group of people (i.e. coaching clients) and create both private 1:1 conversations and public channels that you can make announcements or engage in group conversation around topics or themes.

Here's a 1 minute tour

It's the ultimate solution for busy coaches and clients.

If the group thing isn't your jam, you can totally use the My Network area of Volley (yes, same app) to have individual private conversations with each of your coaching clients. You could also create a group conversation if needed.  The flexibility is endless.