VideoCreators Case Study

VideoCreators Case Study

February 8, 2022

After 5 failed membership programs, this one works!

Getting Started:

We first implemented Volley as a quick way to ask questions and get answers between staff. Volley provided an easy way to share screens and send quick video responses without crowding up email. It also helped build a personal connection between our completely remote staff. 

After using Volley internally, we realized this would be the perfect tool to use with our clients as well. The results speak for themselves. 

Case Study- After 5 failed membership programs, this one works!

Group Coaching:

Before Volley

In our group coaching sessions, we were meeting weekly through zoom for 8 weeks at a time. We encountered problems with time zones and calendar conflicts. Finding a time that worked well for everyone was nearly impossible. Our meetings would last 90 mins and we could only effectively handle 20 clients meeting at a time. We would have text-based chat during the week to help coach clients and help with their channel. 

After Volley 

Now, we can handle around 100 clients per strategist–a 5x increase in capacity! And it actually feels like less work for our strategists. They chose times that work best for them to respond to messages and clients feel more personally connected.

Also, clients are more satisfied. They no longer have to rearrange their schedule to sit for 90 mins and listen to others dominate the conversation. Instead, clients have direct contact with strategists, get their questions answered and they do not have to compete for time. Plus, calendar and time zone issues are a thing of the past.

Testimonial from a Group Coach: 

“Volley has provided a face to face connection that I would never have been able to give through just email. Email is read in whatever place you're in at that moment. With Volley, context can be felt and heard in a way that serves my client better.

Beyond the richer support, the amount of time it's cut down for me is huge. I can respond in 2-3 minutes on Volley, what would have easily taken me 10+ minutes to craft in email form.

Plus, I've been able to have discussions that I know would not have happened over email due to the ease and approachability of the platform. Bottom line, I've been able to serve my clients on a much deeper level and provide richer support.”

One-on-One Client Services:

Before Volley

In our one-on-one advanced coaching sessions, we were meeting on zoom to discuss goals and answer questions. We also offered email access in between these meetings.

After Volley 

Now that we have Volley, we have realized the zoom meetings are not necessary. Responding to volleys has taken far less time than responding to emails. And utilizing the video aspect and hearing voice inflection, etc has allowed us to answer questions and explain processes so much better while establishing a human connection. People feel seen and heard and are understanding what we are explaining so much better. Thanks to Volley, we are serving at a higher level with less time required. People have decided to continue on with our programs because of Volley. 

Our clients still have the option to use email if that is better for them, but most have chosen to use Volley and love the personal face to face response and so do we. 

About Video Creators:

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