Volley Hacks - Episode 2

Volley Hacks - Episode 2

December 16, 2021

Today we cover #1 - Record your screen and face, #2 - Massively Multiplayer Conversations, #3 - Volley as a Learning Community

Hack #1 - Record your Screen and Face

Volley allows you to record your screen, but what if you want to show your face while you're recording your screen? Use Zoom minimal mode. It provides a movable video window that sits on top of whatever you're presenting.  Here's recipe:

  1. Open Zoom
  2. Start a meeting
  3. Enter minimal mode (minimize window or cmd/ctrl+shift+m)
  4. Move the window where you want it to appear on your screen

Hack #2 - Massively Multiplayer Conversation

Have a meaty topic you want to discuss? Want to teach the world something you know? Going on a journey that others would wan to follow? These are all great use cases for a Massively Multiplayer Conversation in Volley. Here's the recipe:

  1. Create a conversation in 'My Network'
  2. Record a compelling invitation as the first volley
  3. Share the conversation invite link on your social platform(s) of choice

Hack #3 - Volley Spaces as a Learning Community

With the release of our recent broadcast channels, you can create a course in Volley that community members can view and react to, but can't contribute.  This means that you can use volley for 1:1, 1:many, and many:1 instruction. We have two great examples of this use case.

Tim Schmoyer - Business Labs

Tim owns a company called Video Creators that helps people build a business as a creator on YouTube. Video Creators is directly responsible for over 18 billion views on YouTube. They are using Volley for their Business Labs course, which is their premium course for creators doing six-figures in revenue that want to make seven-figures. Tim likes Volley because it offers a flexible face-to-face experience with a much higher perceived value than any other community or education platform. They also plan to use Volley for their 1:1 coaching.

Anneliese Pixton - Preceptor Connector

Anneliese is a teacher who made a successful transition into the tech world as a founder and product manager. Her mission is to help other teachers do the same.  She created a Volley space called Preceptor Connector to do just this. They love the flexible face-to-face nature of Volley because it allows them to do interview coaching, give resume feedback, practice standups, and share tips in a way that create more meaningful connection and relationships.