December 16, 2021

Volley Hacks - Episode 2

Mitchell Dong
Head of Community

Hack #1 - Record your Screen and Face

Volley allows you to record your screen, but what if you want to show your face while you're recording your screen? Use Zoom minimal mode. It provides a movable video window that sits on top of whatever you're presenting.  Here's recipe:

  1. Open Zoom
  2. Start a meeting
  3. Enter minimal mode (minimize window or cmd/ctrl+shift+m)
  4. Move the window where you want it to appear on your screen

Bonus for Mac Users:

You can use QuickTime Player to accomplish the same thing.

  1. Open QuickTime Player (which comes pre-installed on all Macs)
  2. From the menu bar select File > New Movie Recording (⌥⌘N)
  3. Go back to the menu bar and select View > Float on Top
  4. Move the window where you want it to appear on your screen

Hack #2 - Massively Multiplayer Conversation

Have a meaty topic you want to discuss? Want to teach the world something you know? Going on a journey that others would wan to follow? These are all great use cases for a Massively Multiplayer Conversation in Volley. Here's the recipe:

  1. Create a Space and create channels for relevant topics (Tutorial Video)
  2. Record a compelling invitation as a welcome volley
  3. Share the space invite link on your social platform(s) of choice

Volley for Coaches has over 550 members!

Hack #3 - Volley Spaces as a Learning Community

With the release broadcast channels and threads, you can create a number of channels in Volley with dedicated purposes— eg. a course in Volley that community members can view and react to but can't contribute.  This means that you can use volley for 1:1, 1:many, and many:1 instruction. We have two great examples of this use case.

Tim Schmoyer - Video Labs

Tim owns a company called Video Creators that helps people build a business as a creator on YouTube. Video Creators is directly responsible for over 18 billion views on YouTube. They are using Volley for their Video Labs course, which is their premium course for creators who want to grow to six-figures in revenue. Tim likes Volley because it offers a flexible face-to-face experience with a much higher perceived value than any other community or education platform. They also plan to use Volley for their 1:1 coaching.

Dane Sanders - Men and Women of Discomfort

Dane is the co-founder of Men & Women Of Discomfort ( — a community that leverages voluntary discomfort as a training ground for life transformation. Every 90 days, new cohorts opt-in for the freedom that only comes with less distraction, convenience, and comfort. The entire MWOD experience and community is hosted on Volley.

To see a tour of the MWOD space and learn from Dane, watch our conversation with him here.

Mitchell Dong

Head of Community at Volley

About the Author

Mitchell Dong is a Hawai’i-grown marketer and educator who has spent his career telling brand stories and creating educational content for a range of organizations. He is the head of community at Volley, where he spends his days educating, supporting, and illuminating Volley users.

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