October 21, 2020

By the Numbers–The Case for Volley

Josh Little
Co-founder & CEO

Like numbers?  The facts are hard to deny–current communication channels are vastly inadequate.  It’s time for a cool change.

Time spent in meetings has risen 8-10% a year since the year 2000
The number of meetings has increased by 13% since the COVID pandemic started with the number of attendees increasing by 13.5%
The average executive spends 72% of their day in meetings
Only 17% of executives feel meetings are a productive use of time.
65% of executives say meetings stop them from finishing individual work.
Once interrupted, it takes on average 23 minutes and 15 seconds to get back on task with your previous level of focus.
Software developers spend only 41% of their day doing software development.
The average person can compose written business communication at about 19 WPM, yet can speak at 150 WPM, and can comprehend speech at 400 WPM.
Only 7% of communication is what is said (the actual words)–38% is how it’s said (tone of voice) and 55% is how you look while saying it (body language)
The average knowledge worker receives 126 emails a day
The average slack user sends 200 messages a week with power users sending over 1000 per day. 
Slack users spend approx 10 hours a week writing messages on Slack
Useless meetings cost American businesses $399 Billion a year.
Meetings magically expand or contract the time they are given (Parkinson’s Law)
Across all languages and cultures, there is a universal gap of only 200 milliseconds between turns in a conversation.  Waiting 600 milliseconds before responding in a conversation signals an awkward pause.  Because of this, we build our response during our partner’s turn and arent fully listening.
Any time we can wait at least 3 seconds (what would be a really awkward pause) before taking our turn in a conversation, our responses dramatically improve.

If these stats don’t make you want to immediately try Volley, please send us a fax or carrier pigeon to tell us why. See what we did there? :)

Josh Little

4x Founder, Tinkerer, Tenor, Brinemaster. CEO of Volley.

About the Author

Josh Little started his career as a teacher then moved into sales training and education roles at three Fortune 500 companies before making the leap into entrepreneurship. Over the last 15 years, Josh built four successful tech companies (Maestro, Bloomfire, Qzzr, and Volley) that have improved the lives of hundreds of millions of people and been able to consult with some of the top brands in the world. He has a firm believe that a great conversation can change your life and with Volley he's making them easier to have anywhere, anytime.

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