How is Volley different than Marco Polo, Loom, Slack, and Zoom?

How is Volley different than Marco Polo, Loom, Slack, and Zoom?

October 14, 2021

Is Volley like...? Nope. Volley is a new way to move forward - sync-up, unblock, and collaborate....spontaneously!

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Volley vs. Marco Polo

Volley is built for work.  While async video messaging is core to the experience of both Volley and Marco Polo, the similarities end there.  Not only does Volley have a desktop app for both Mac and PC, it has a bunch of features specifically geared to help move work forward faster – Workspaces, Channels, Mark for Follow Up, Screen Recording, and Sidebar Conversations.  Very soon Volley will have Slack and Teams integration, Async audio, as well as Doc & File sharing. 

Volley vs. Loom

Easy: Volley = Conversation, Loom = Content.

Because async video is a hero feature in Volley, it sometimes gets confused with products like Loom, Vidyard, CloudApp, and others.  They are totally different animals.  Loom is great for easily sharing a link to a static, one-off video that people can comment on.  Volley lets you do the same thing, except that video lives in a threaded conversation with history and context.  This allows others to respond in the same thread and continue the conversation from there.  If you're trying to share a link to a video, Loom.  If you're trying to have a conversation that moves work forward, Volley.

Volley vs. Slack

Do you prefer talking or typing?  That’s the main difference between Slack and Volley.  The Volley experience prioritizes talking – the full spectrum of communication.  That’s why over 90% of volleys are video volleys.  In Volley, the text is the garnish, not the main dish.  Slack is the other way around.  Also, Slack doesn’t do async video (unless you add Volley :)

Volley vs. Zoom

Would you rather coordinate schedules or say what you need to say and move on with your day?  Do you like to listen to others on 1x or 2x?  Would you prefer to sit through the whole conversation or skip to the parts that pertain to you?  Would you rather have back-to-back meetings or live beyond the calendar?  Do you like to bend to the needs of communication or the other way around?  You decide.

The future of work is bright...and we are paving the way.  Download Volley and invite your team today.