Free?  What's the catch?

Free? What's the catch?

November 23, 2021

We often get asked...

There is no catch.  It’s just that we (and our investors) know that we’re on to something big - a product that brings more meaningful conversation and community into the world.  In order to do this, the product has to be so amazing that once you start using it, you’ll never want to stop.  

This takes time and lots of experimentation.  We’re already partially there, but we need to stay focused on making Volley magical if we’re going to achieve our big goal.  Focusing on monetization would be a distraction for us at this point.  Making Volley profitable will be easy once we make Volley magical. Many of your favorite companies have taken the same path in the early days.

We will focus on monetization someday.  The four of us founders are very experienced and have all built successful SaaS companies before Volley.  We have hundreds of ideas of features or experiences we could build that we know that people will pay for.  

Our promise to you is that what’s free will remain free.  While we may need to limit some of the free features in order to keep costs in check, we would never pull features from a free product behind a paywall in an attempt to monetize.  That’s a clumsy move ;).

We hope these thoughts bring you some peace ✌️ of mind and allow you to use Volley to create more meaningful conversation and community in the world.

If you have any questions, talk to me on Volley.

Yours in transparency,

-Josh Little
Founder & CEO of Volley