Volley becomes a shapeshifter

Volley becomes a shapeshifter

October 13, 2021

Today, Volley becomes as flexible as the future of work is.

The future of work we all dream of is flexible–you're in different environments throughout the day–at the gym, at home, in a coffee shop, in an office, walking the dog, etc. 

You can't Slack while walking the dog.  You can't Zoom in a coffee shop.  So what's the solution?

A shapeshifter. 
A communication tool that's as flexible as the future of work is.  One where you can input video and it outputs whatever you need for wherever you are.  Today Volley becomes just that. 

Here are some of the features that take us there:

Interactive Running Transcripts

Video is a rich medium, but it's also very dense and hard to parse. Sometimes it feels like a job to catch up when you get behind in Volley. Not anymore. Now you can see a running transcript of the conversation and click to copy or play from anywhere.


Some environments are conducive to video. Some aren't. Captions give you a quieter way to interact with Volley when you're in public or a [pause for dramatic effect] meeting. :)

Rich Notifications

Now email and push notifications for video, voice, and screen recording volleys will have a couple of lines of context so you can better know how and when to respond.

Bonus! A special view just for your files

Now all of the files shared in a given conversation or channel are viewable in a running list. Isn't it cute?

If you need a conversation tool that's as flexible as the future of work is, download Volley today.