Volley vs. Marco Polo

Volley vs. Marco Polo

September 7, 2021

How is Volley different? Can I use it for friends and family? All of this and more...

A feature-by-feature comparison
How is Volley different?

Volley is built for work.  Volley is used by remote teams to improve communication, increase connectedness, and reduce meetings. While async video messaging is core to the experience of both Volley and Marco Polo, the similarities end there.  Not only does Volley have a desktop app for both Mac and PC, it has a bunch of features specifically geared to help move work forward faster – Workspaces, Channels, Mark for Follow Up, Screen Recording, Sidebar Conversations, and Doc & File sharing.  

Is Volley a competitor to Marco Polo?

In short, no. Volley is no more of a competitor to Marco Polo than Linkedin is a competitor to Facebook. While both Linkedin and Facebook allow you to post text, images, and videos publicly that can be found on a feed, they were built for different uses by different audiences.  Similarly, while Volley and Marco Polo share a hero feature (video messaging), they were built for two different uses by two different audiences.

How can Volley be free?

There's no catch.  Volley is built for remote work, therefore our free version needs to have more robust functionality.  We will have a premium (paid) version someday.  We have dozens of ideas of features we know businesses will pay for. Our promise to you is that what's free will remain free. Read more about our rationale on pricing.

Can I use Volley to stay in touch with family and friends?

Absolutely! We do too :).

Just keep in mind that it's not the use case we're focused on. So, if you request us to build a unicorn voice because this is what you need to entertain grandma, don't be bummed when we respectfully decline.

Ready to try? Download Volley here.